Is There a Minimum Number of Guests for A Party Booking?

Minimum 10 kids to enjoy the full experience of a birthday party at Play 'N' Learn.

Can Play 'N' Learn organize party invitations for my guests?

Party invitations are available! Download your digital birthday invitations here to print at home or head into our venue to collect some for your upcoming party. We also have PLAY ‘N’ LEARN E-invite options.

Is There an Age Limit for Play 'N' Learn Birthday Parties?

There is no age limit but kids below the age of 4 must be accompanied by an adult, one adult entry is included for every kid. Also, the allowed height limit for kids is between 60 cms to 135 cms.

Can I Bring a Birthday Cake?

You are welcome to bring your own birthday cake but due to storage constraints we are unable to store your cake.

Can I / We Bring My Own Food?

You are welcome to bring your own food. Our team will gladly help in serving the food.

Can I / We Do Our Own Party Room Decorations?

Our package includes a basic birthday décor & party hat for each kid.

However, you have the option of decorating the room according to your desired theme. We can also get it arranged as an Add-on.

Do We Need to Arrive Earlier Than Our Booking Time?

We request that you and your guests arrive 10 - 15 mins prior to your party start time to organise final payment etc. This will ensure that your party experience begins on time and that none of your guests miss out on any of the fun! Your party commences on the hour.

Do We Need to Stay with The Party?

We ask that you organise parents/carers to be available for the duration of your party as a touch point for our hosts – this could be you, your partner, a family member or friend (anyone attending the party to help supervise the kids).

How Long Is a Birthday Party at Play 'N' Learn?

The duration of the party depends upon the Package selected by you, Play 'N' Learn parties are generally 3 hours from start to finish.

Are There Any Covid-19 Safety Measures in Place at Play 'N' Learn?

At Play ‘N’ Learn, we have always taken the safety and security of our guests as a top priority. Temperature screening will be conducted at the entrance, ensure everyone has a proper face covering, and ask covid-19 related questions about symptoms. We also have sanitizers placed across strategic locations in the venue. This protocol is in place for all visitors and employees before entering Play ‘N’ Learn.

If Some Guest Didn’t Show Up do I Still Need To Pay For Them?

Yes. If actual attendance falls below the number reserved in the booking form, there will be no changes on the final bill.

What If My Guests Arrive Late?

The party sessions are fixed. We encourage you to remind your guests to arrive on time.

Refund Policy?

We don’t encourage refunds; we wouldn’t miss out on celebrating with you.